All you can eat spoons Part One

I’m feeling the loss of my spoons today (if you haven’t heard of the Spoon Theory of chronic illness have a read here

Yesterday was a great day. All the spoons I could eat. I woke with a clear head, zero pain and felt fully alert. In other words I felt like the old, normal me. Lately I get one or two days a week where I feel like this. It’s not great but it’s been worse.

So I decided to pack in as much as I could while I could. I knew it would probably cost me but I have reasons which I will get to.

The Choices

First of all there was an appointment to choose and order the FL41 glasses . This went well. Although the tinting is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance I had a package bonus which covered some of the cost. It ended up costing me only $50 out of pocket. The lenses are made by Zeiss in Germany so will take a few weeks but I’m excited!

Next I had some work to do. My sister is renovating her house on a budget and with a deadline. In my family this means all hands on deck to help. I spent a few hours scraping floors, washing walls and prepping for painting.

I dashed home about 6pm and made dinner. The same sister plus her two kids are staying with us at the moment so I was cooking for six. There wasn’t much in the fridge to work with and I was pushed for time (not to mention money) so a big pot of pasta carbonara did the job (I had some Keto friendly edamame spaghetti for myself). We had a really nice family dinner. The kind where everybody joins the conversation, shares the details of their day and has a good laugh together. I love being well enough to create an atmosphere for this to happen. I wish I could this more often.

Time for a quick shower and change to go out. My partner Logan is a singer/guitarist and usually goes to an open mic night every other Thursday. While I love hearing him sing and enjoy the company on these nights the reality is that I am rarely able to go. The gig is in a small pub. If I have any level of migraine sensitivity I cannot stand the competing background noise nor the volume of the music.

But this was a good day! No sensitivity to noise or light. No throbbing pain in my head. No brain fog or confusion. My mind felt sharp and I was able to joke and banter with my friends and enjoy the music. Logan sang and played beautifully and at one point had an awesome bluesy jam with a couple of the other musicians. I had a ball! We stayed until closing and got home around 12.30 am.

My sister and her friend were still awake when we got home so we sat and had a chat for a while, catching up on the events of the day and checking out the amazing Eurovision entry from Australian opera singer Kate Miller-Heidke.

I got to bed around 2.00am, tired but grateful for what I had accomplished.

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