Glaucoma? #FMML

Yesterday I had a routine eye test before ordering some new glasses. One of the scans showed some signs of thinning on the retina in my right eye. The optometrist said that this could be an early sign of glaucoma and requested I do another test of my peripheral vision. This test showed signs of mild vision loss but I will need to repeat this on another day for confirmation.

Late stage glaucoma involves blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision and difficulties in adjusting to low light. Fortunately it can usually be slowed down with early detection and treatment. So hopefully this will just be another item on my already impressive list of medications.

While waiting I read an article about glaucoma in a magazine. Guess what one of the risk factors is? That’s right – my good buddy migraine! So not only am I at a higher risk for depression, anxiety, stroke, fibromyalgia and arthritis to name a few ( I can now add glaucoma to the list. Ahh good times.

I had also decided to ask about FL-41 tinting for these new glasses. There seems to be some evidence that these can be helpful for some people with migraine ( for example They are not common in Australia so the opticians assistant didn’t know what I was talking about. After some discussion with her colleagues she said no, they could not do that tint.

So back home for some googling and I found . Once again the first lady I spoke to had never heard of them. However she offered to look into it further and get back to me. Which she did soon afterward (I was super impressed with the customer service!) One of the labs that they use can do the tint but it’s not something they are commonly asked for. She was not sure how pricing will go with my health insurance but I’m going to see them in a couple of days and we will work it out together and see what I can afford.

I’m quite excited about these glasses. Light sensitivity is probably the worst of my migraine symptoms, even worse than the headache pain. I have a tried a generic blue tint from Specsavers which helps a little but FL-41 is mentioned a lot in the online community and has been clinically tested for migraine. Hopefully these will turn out to be a useful addition to the migraine survival kit. I’ll be sure to let you know.


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